Commitment to Quality

KookieNow headquarters conducts significant trials, testing and sampling with each kookie flavor prior to their release to our baker collective. This process ensures the quality of product and flavor before our customers can order them! Each kookie is handcrafted by our certified home bakers, making sure they are packed full of deliciousness before they hit your doorstep!

About our Bakers Qualifications

We know that you may enjoy buying from a small business, but you may still wonder, who is baking my kookies? We want KookieNow customers to know that in addition to state and local certifications, KookieNow goes through an extensive onboarding process with each one of our bakers to ensure that they, and their homes, meet all of our health and safety standards. We conduct regular check-ins with bakers on the status of their sanitation efforts in their kitchens to ensure the highest quality products you can get.