We love kookies, we love our neighbors

Located in the Central Valley of California, we bake and eat kookies as often as we can. KookieNow was started by Alex Shaw, a stay at home mom with an infant and toddler. Wanting to be able to bring some extra money home, Alex began selling kookies out of her house, while being home with her kids full time. Realizing that so many people would love to have an opportunity to make some additional income, stay at home with their kids and have all the flexibility they want, the idea was born to help others achieve this as well. With KookieNow, bakers pay a monthly fee, receive all recipes, a store location on our site, a personal bakers portal and have the ability to get all packing materials needed through the company! We walk you through step by step how to become a cottage baker, doing the hardest part for you and answering any questions along the way!

You may be thinking, why should I bake with KookieNow?

When you sign up to be a part of the KookieNow Baker's Collective, we provide you with a step by step process to get certified through your city, county, state and us! Once you are a certified KookieNow baker, you gain access to your personal baker's portal where you receive kookie recipes, training and instructional videos, product labels, and your own store on our website! KookieNow bakers keep 100% of their kookie sales, minus any transaction fees. That's right, 100%! That means that you only have to sell 2 dozen kookies a month to pay for your membership fee! KookieNow is a woman owned, innovative brand that is going to take the nation by storm, one baker at a time! We understand that you may have families, jobs and other responsibilities and want you to be able to work your own schedule and enjoy baking when YOU want to!